We said our goodbyes to the Wissings & Olbrings Tuesday AM. We could not thank them enough for their hospitality. We had such a great time in Alstatte. Even Ralf and Maria woke up to send us off. Andreas was no where to be found.Heike & Andre took us to Enschede where we picked up our car. On our way to Bruge, we stopped at LaTrappe Brewery near Tilburg, NE. Good beer & food, nice tour/history as well.

We arrived in Bruge about 7PM. We headed out to find our next favorite beer bar… as has been suggested to us several times, we went to Beerstel Beerij. Great beer list and nice people. We met an angry Scot and a man from upper New York, Ron. Ron is good friends with the owner of our B&B and he loves New Glarus beer. Small world, eh?
Wednesday AM, we did a canal tour & De Halve Mann brewery tour. It was good too. We ate lunch and are now off to walk the town more to see the sights.
Can not believe we are expected at work on Monday, no one from THIEL has written on our blog, they must not miss us… ;p

Beer count: since leaving Alstatte, 8

3 thoughts on “Brugge/Bruges”

  1. meanwhile, back in the states…
    on Monday, CC gets no support from his defense (Weeks cannot turn the double play). Cubs win 6-4. On Tuesday, Sheets gets knocked out in the 6th giving up 6 runs. Ryan Braun can swing the bat but, can’t play defense. Cubs win 7-1. Lead in the Central is back up to 3 while the wild card lead for Brewers is 1. Cards won’t lose.

  2. Luckily everyone else does like you! We are jealous at all of the fun you’re having! Drinking beer in milwaukee just isn’t the same without the two of you, but we try to muddle through.

    It seems, though, that you lost your affinity for the letter z in the last couple posts… I kind of miss it!

    I know you can’t wait to get back for the 8th!

  3. UUUUGGGGHHHHH……. I’m so upset the Brewers are losing!!!! I guess I MUST return so they can catch up to those silly Cubs….. Dan, quit jinxing my team!!

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