My Second Porsche

Whew! So today I test drove my second Porsche. Admittedly, I am much closer to being able to afford it than the last time, tho that’s not really saying much and  I won’t be buying one very soon. The first Porsche test drive was the large and in-charge Cayenne. I seem to continuing the Cajun theme this time with a short test drive of the Cayman. And like the Cayenne, this is a Porsche I could definitely enjoy owning!

I had no interest in driving the Boxster or the 911 for some reason… I think the fact that there was some practicality to the Cayman appealed to me… it did have a roof rack option after all! Thanks to a lack of a spare tire, and a mid-engine layout, it had generous luggage space in the front trunk and some space in rear, generous in sports car terms at least. The cockpit was fairly spartan and very German, nothing more than you need, nothing less. It was very comfortable and roomy, which was very unexpected, much better than other small sports cars I’ve sat in. 

Driving, I was surprised how quickly I got comfortable with the controls and how controlled the car felt. On a bumpy road there was some jostling, but honestly no more than the MINI has, so this could be a very nice daily driver. I obviously wasn’t on a track, so I didn’t get a full performance experience… but there was definitely a fun little beasty lurking underneath just itching for a curvy road. The Cayman is definitely a good edition to my dream car garage! Thanks to Jerry at Concours!

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