New Paint, No Paint

Ahhh… finally, a picture of our latest house improvements. We hired a company to paint the trim at the very top of the house and remove the paint on the lower brick of the house. The painting of the peaks was done on all sides. We only removed the paint from the front. I like it so much I might have to save our pennies to have the rest of the brick done. The brick is a yellowish color, it’s specifically from the Milwaukee area, called Cream City Brick.

Once the paint started peeling off the wall from watering the front garden area, I knew for sure it was the Cream City, and I kept watering. 🙂 The painting and paint removal was fine, but the clean up – lack thereof from the company hired – and the repairs that had to made to our hard-wired landscaping lights has been a nightmare. The painting started on Sept. 3, we just got the lights working last week Friday.
I’m very pleased with how the outside improvements are moving along. Our last step, for a while, is to get some new windows for the front. As you can see in the picture, the top attic window is a nice tan while the 4 bottom windows are chipping-off-gray. And since our gas bill has been increased on our budget planning, we’d better do something to help that. We’ll get the other 4 windows replaced sometime next year hopefully.
Next year, we’ll look into doing more landscaping to the front yard that refuses to grow any grass in the summer. Bill would like to put a small retaining wall across the front yard to the steps. I don’t want people sitting there waiting for the bus, so we need to be careful how we design this. Anyone who is free next year to help build a brick wall, let me know the days you’ll be visiting!
The small tree in the front is a white Lilac I received from my good friend. It wasn’t doing well in her yard so we dug it up and planted in my yard. It started growing days after we planted it. I’ve always wanted a Lilac, so I’m so excited it likes it’s new home. I’d like to have one in the back yard… but we’ll see about that later. I can’t wait for spring to smell it’s blossoms!

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