Comet’s Secret Supper Club #4

Here’s our menu from the Comet’s Secret Supper Club on October 28th. I think I liked the first two dinners better, but this was still very good. Death’s Door Distillery was there for special pre-dinner drinks, which were pretty good. Bill and I both think Adam’s soups are terrific every time. This soup, we wanted to bottle up the scent and put it in a candle! How weird is that? It was soooooooo awesome smelling. 

I was full by the time the main course came, but I still ate it and our two desserts. There was a miscue between Adam and the sous chef, we didn’t get any baked apples, but we ate it, figured they couldn’t get what they wanted. But Val came around and asked us if we got apples, and that we’d get some in a minute. We each got another full dessert. Oh, yeah, we finished it all… Bill then went home and fell asleep on the couch until I woke him to get up to go to bed. Lazy butt. 🙂

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