Willkommen Deutschland!!

We arrived bz train on Saturdaz to Enschede. The Wissings and Olbrings made us a wonderful home cooked meal. We sat at their house and talked all evening. We had multiple meats… (Glenn)…. it was verz good. Our hotel is verz nice. Nice to have our own bath-shower. The town is soooo cute. All the houses look the same as the businesses. Most of the town was destrozed in the war.
We met with some distant relatives todaz from Alsteatte. Some German and some American living in Germanz. It was fun and interesting and nice to talk to Americans. 🙂
Sundaz, Schuetzenfest began this afternoon. All men met to prepare for the parade to the exiting kings home for a farwell partz. The woman watch the parade. There was a slight accident, a man fell off his horse and was taken to the hospital, but he was fine and the parade continued!!

Bill: I am officially a member of the Alstatte Shooting Club now. I got to walk in the parade. Besides being way too hot, it was fun!

More Sheutzenfest tonight and tomorrow!

Beer count: 20….or so.

One thought on “Willkommen Deutschland!!”

  1. dave and i enjoyed going thru the posts with the pictures. sounds like a good trip so far.
    cole and dave

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