Beer, Boats & Bikes

Our 2nd day has been great so far… we took a canal tour, rented bikes and have been all over the city. Ate Herring… ummm. Frites… umm Chocolate… ummm Ham and goat cheese sandwich… ummmmmmmmmmmmmm Beers… pretty good. Nothing too exciting yet, that is to come tonight and tomorrow as our bar hopping continues.

We’re posting from a ‘”Coffeeshop” right now.. look it up for Amsterdam. πŸ™‚

Beer count: 10
Modes of transport: 6

3 thoughts on “Beer, Boats & Bikes”

  1. Also…

    could you do more posts in a day. Not much going around here. Your Travelblog is like mini-series for me.


  2. I’m jealous πŸ˜›

    I Google mapped your possible locations and would like to imagine you wrote this from “De Bakkerswinkel.”

    Winkle, hehe.

    Das bier es gut, ya?

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