MKE MINIs Spring Drive

What a fun event. The MINIs took a drive from Milwaukee to Burlington where we met some Chicago MINIs and then down the backroads to Lake Geneva. Hoo-wee, there were some fun curves! Luckily the snow held off for the drive. We then filled up the parking lot with MINIs at Houlihan’s of Lake Geneva for a great lunch there was a raffle for the Amercian Cancer Society in honor of Tom (MiniShagz). They’ve raised a lot of money so far, and Tom has been doing great! Looking for to the first Ice Cream social and as many MINI events as we can get to. Hopefully there will be a few light mods to the MINI this summer… stay tuned (heh) for that!

2 thoughts on “MKE MINIs Spring Drive”

  1. Great video of a really fun event! It was great to see you guys there! Thanks for posting this!

  2. What fun and fabulous camera work – and here we thought you were just snapping photos! And now no one can say I am a bad driver since we have proof otherwise. See ya all at a future event.

    Wade and Theresa

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