Crusty Review: Chinese Sundae

HopSheng Gourmet

Tried a new Chinese place on Sunday, located on Murray Street where Golden Chicken. The place is incredibly small, not much bigger than our kitchen. Very casual! In fact, it seemed like everyone there besides us knew the owners! We tried the Chicken Fried Rice (I wasn’t very hungry) and the Singapore Rice Noodles. The servings were HUGE, if we had decided on the same thing, we could have easily split it. The Singapore Rice Noodles were very good, spicy but not too spicy… and the Fried Rice was… well, fried rice. Kinda hard to screw that up. The little touches were nice though, like a small vegetable place of pickled veggies before dinner, and a small dessert and fortune cookie after dinner. Very Tasty! Would definitely go back, although they didn’t have any booze at the time of this writing, which unfortunately gives it only a rating of:

4 out of 5 Crusties!

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